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Thursday, September 24, 2009


dear babe,
i'm sorry sebab bukak ur blog lagi
idk why, i tak marah u or even get too jealous
well jealous maybe ada sikit la.
coz u get him and not me
and not because i tak move on but entah la
if u in my situation rite now mesti u faham
tapi tapi kenapa i kena sakit dada every time i bukak blog u?
no i didn't get mad at u
it just, idk whether it's a feeling
or i yang ada penyakit
idk and dont even care to know.
i'd move on, but sometimes, haish hard to explain
i think u understand me well, i think so
oh babe i'm sorry sebab lambat sangat nak buang feeling ni,
feeling yang i ada for ur bf, dulu

its not impossible to throw it away
it just hard, so damn fuckin hard.
i'm trying babe,no worries
coz i'm no the type of girl who likes to ruin someone else's relationship.

*sakit dada

5 sperms:

nizam baharin said...

drama lagi ke?

p/s; i suka template blog u..geliiiiiiiiiiiiii i mean girlie..ahahahha

hud hud said...

haha xde laaa drama dh hbs :P
hahaha ckp je la u xsuka tembak kang :))

Anonymous said...

siapa suroh bukak! hahaha. bengoooooonnnnnnnggggggggg

hud hud said...

haha tu la psl. entah la. :))

Blufish said...

babe :} ym sudeyyyyyyyy ....

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