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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

followers ♥

for the time being, i maybe jarang update blog ok?
assignments and exams seriously make me sick. huhu
and i can't wait for raya.
i'm more into red this raya. how bout yours? :)
serious rasa nak shop kat charles & keith hari tu
tapi sabar haha. next year maybe for chinese new year. LOL :P
do update me about urself.

love ya guys

2 sperms:

nizam baharin said...

ala tak kisah pon..
sbb u dah selalu sgt update blog..
kdang2 sehari smpi 2 kali..ahahhaha
so u re permitted to take leave..;p

hud hud said...

elehhh kata la rindu nanti i xde. ekekekeke :P

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