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Thursday, September 03, 2009

hey you. yes you.

can't wait to balik hometown this 17th sept :)
can't wait to meet sharel <3
can't wait for graduation.
can't wait to become a better person. *LAH?* haha ayat nabila huda dlm movie bohsia :P

hey people. :)
i just wanna say sorry if i ever make u mad, jealous or tak puas hati dengan i ke im so sorry
dah nak raya ni kan so just let the problems gone.
well i'm not a perfect person but so do u.
why don't we just forgive each other? that's better.
i promise tak cincang u 100 kerat. HAHA
u know, there's a time yang i tersuka dekat your crush
then suddenly he likes me too, i'm so sorry for that
i didn't know u like him.
u know, there's a time yang i bising pasal my success
then suddenly u felt jealous, again i'm sorry for that
i thought u will be happy for me.
how shud i know u're beaing jealous?
& what the real thing that u didnt know is that,
dah lama i tak happy and smile macam ni.
suddenly there's someone that changed me.
make me smile, happy and laugh again
so can u please just let me feel that feeling?
im not lucky enough in love. CAN U PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE?

thanks for reading. *fake smile*

3 sperms:

Blufish said...

haha wehh ! ingt tak dulu u suka mr A . i pon suka skali . pastu i cam bitch gila . and then u hate me , i hate u pastu berbaik hahaha terus jd soulmate gila babs lol

hud hud said...

haha people can change what :) atleast u xcerita psl i kat blog mcm minah tu! haha

D.O.N.U.T said...

ooo ehhh,,

klu xphm tekan buzer ok,,


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