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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

taken from blufish

1. Your name?

-Guidance. Good advice. Admirable. Honest. Good character.

2. Your age?

-the number before 21 and after 19. generally used when counting.

3. What should you be doing?

-Eating makes you feel insecure, yet when you are insecure you eat. *LOL*

4. Favourite colour?

- Flavor of kool-aid to a black person.

5. Birthplace?

- Where sick people live and doctors work.

6. Month of birth?

- The month in which the hottest women are born. *HAHAHAHAHA*

7. Last person you talked to?

My boyfriend
- a great guy who make you feel good bout urself... a protector, and ur best friend

8. One of your nicknames?

- An obnoxious, intolerant, narrow-minded person who likes to insult and gloat. Highly agressive and opinionated. *haha bodoh*

Friday, December 18, 2009

thank God

today, 18th dec 09 is our first month anniversary. and i hope i can count it for the next forever month :)
friends, pray for us, for our relationship.
God, thanks for giving us the second chance. and thanks for giving me the sweetest guy i ever met.
i love you shakur, always do. and i hope we will still remain the same, our feeling is still the same, forever. AMIN :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

meh sini aku nak maki kau

hoi betina
tolong kau berambus jauh jauh dari hidup aku dengan bf aku ok?
kau dah ada bf kan? pegi layan dia atas katil kau sendiri la.
nak sibuk ruin relationship aku apehal?
cakap je la kau tak puas hati tengok orang happy
nak buat ayat sedih konon tak sanggup kehilangan apa lancau la.
kalau kau ingat Tuhan, kau tak kan rampas la kebahagiaan yang Tuhan bagi kat orang lain.
kau ingat kau dah bitch sangat la?
kau cakap apa? jangan masuk campur urusan kau dgn bf aku?
hey hello BITCH, SIAPA KAU???!!!

p/s: dah lama tak buat entri maki maki orang kn? :D

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

tagging, again :)

1. Apabila bangun dari tidur, anda
- tengok hp :)

2. Perkara pertama yang dicari
- hp laaaa

3. Perkara yang tidak pernah anda bosan
- makan. hahaha. and meet chako :)

4. 4 hari yang lepas anda
- just stay at home

5. Perkara yang tidak disukai
- ex girlfriend yang suka kacau bf i

6. Perkara yang sedang difikirkan
- shakur, and nak balik kl :(

7. Teringin
- hug him
- balik KL
- dslr

8. 2 perkara yang orang tidak tahu
- yang i ni sangat baik HAHAHA :P

9. Sedih apabila
- ada la. CEHHH -.-

10. Ingin belajar
- hair styling

11. Barang kesayangan

- handphone
- laptop

13. Kalau boleh
- nak balik KL skrg jgk ! :(

14. Warna pakaian yang sedang dipakai
- purple

15. 6 rakan yang anda mahu tag

- blufish
- sharel
- fara farid
- tfa
- zulaikha
- nizam
- sape sape nak buat pun blh :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

is it hard for a girl to understand other girls?

nowadays, we face a lot of problem, especially girls. but the issue that i want to highlight here is love problem. there's a lot of question that come out of my mind. Ever wondering why a girl could easily disturbing your boyfriend? or even your husband, fiance? Does she really love your man? Love is a feeling that really pure, don't spoil it. And for this kind of girl, have you ever think if you really love that man, or are you just feeling envy? or just a feeling that you felt disturbing if you see that man live more happy than you?

and for boys, yeah sometimes it's really hard if you face with this kind of situation. But remember, you already have a girl besides you. How can easily you change? How can easily you forget the girl that is with you now? Well I think it's better for you to choose your girlfriend / wife / fiance, boy, instead of choosing your ex. Let the new girl have their chance to love you.

After all, i'm not telling that this is all the ex's fault. maybe the boy is wrong too. But the thing is, is it hard for a girl to understand other girl's feeling? THINK ABOUT IT. I know i'm not a perfect person. sometimes i make mistakes in advising people to be matured whereas i'm not really matured enough. but all advices that i gave to some girls, i really meant it, because u're a girl and i don't want to make mistakes. that's all.

p/s: hati kalau busuk sangat pun susah chaa. dah dah la tu kacau bf orang.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

hope II

shakur buat. thankssss sayangggg :) i love u a lot.


the best thing is that when u said you love me more than her :)
and i will love u always :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

new phone.

so after 2 days from my birthday, finally i got my new phone haha
my lovely, sony ericsson w705. ada wifi babe, tu yang best tu.
thanks for my dad, ILY :)
cina kedai phone tu gave 500 games okay. so sape nak, jom bluetooth :P

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

happy birthday to me :)

he's back and i'm fuckin happy ! this is the best birthday present ever :))
and dia tk lupa birthday i :)
thanks shakur, i love u so much !
ok now i can't wait to get back to kuala lumpur :D

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

new year event

i'm going to attend this event on new year, probably.
future sound asia. ok let me tell u more about this event.
actually event ni ada 2 hari.
day 1 is on 31st december - the bloody beetroots, lapsap and dj goldfish
and day 2 on 2nd january - basement jaxx, dj azran and victor G
sounds fun kan? especially because of THE BLOODY BEETROOTS yeahh! :P
ok about the ticket plak, well as usual dia ada pre-sale door sale and VIP
for pre-sale, the tickets are divided into two category. first is limited passes which costs u rm118 (2 days pass includes 1 drink) and another one is rm78 ( 1 day pass includes 1 drink)
for door sale, the price is rm98 (1 day pass includes 1 drink)
and lastly, for VIP ticket, it costs u rm500 (4 pax entry)
this event will take place at KL LIVE at Jalan Sultan Ismail. (google map please if u don't know the place) :)

so, if u wanna buy the ticket, u can call axcess hotline at 03-77115000 or just login to
btw pre-sale period ends at 25 dec so be hurry peeps!

besides, u can get the ticket at all axcess office,
1-Utama Shopping Complex, Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, Rock Corner Mid Valley Tower Records Lot 10, Parkson Sunway Pyramid, Rock Corner The Curve Rock Corner KLCC, Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre, UC Travel, University Malaya.

p/s: UM pun ada jual ticket ni doe caya lah! hahaha. SEE YOU THERE ! :D

Monday, December 07, 2009


no one knows what exactly happen to you.
it just me.
and boy, i miss u a lot.
i miss the time when we first met
i miss the time when u kissed my lips.
i miss the time when u kissed my forehead.
i miss the time when u hold my hand so tight and u said 'don't go'
i miss the time when we lying on the bad, talking about our problems, and our future.
i miss the time when u hug me and kiss me on my cheek while i was sleeping.
i miss the time when u smile at me when u got back from work.
i miss the time when u make a candlelight dinner for me, and asked me to be yours.
i miss your voice. i miss your laugh.
i miss everything about you.
i wish you can come back early to celebrate my birthday.
or at least u remember it.
and cry with me exactly on 12.00am, 9 december.
i love you, always do.
when the time there's no one to support you, i will always be by your side.

double L

i'm just wondering why at this time, time yang i'm not in a good mood ni, ada jugak minah yang nak cari pasal. ok maybe some of u think that alah, takde benda lah, but for me it is really 'ADA BENDA OKAYY!'

I can't understand and can't accept what she did to me. ok maybe she didn't realize that but come on lah, we're girls, tak kan sama girls pun susah nak faham kot? yang kau add semua ex boyfie and ex scandal aku apehal doe? lepas tu kau nak flirt dengan diorang pulak. apa ni? dulu siap bagi advice leave that guy lah ape lah. then now kau nak menggatal dengan diorang pulak? what kind of friend kau ni? EWWW, DOUBLE L.

babe, stop it lah ok? u're disgusting. WHATEVER.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

kenapa perlu ada hari sedih?

kita ketawa hari ini
kita sedih hari esok
dan kita masih mencari emosi hari hari seterusnya
banyak benda baik yang berlaku
dan ia berjalan,
selangkah kita maka selangkah lah ia.
tapi kadang kadang ia berhenti,
mungkin terus berjalan,
mungkin juga ia terus berhenti.
betapa besar harapan kita,
satu hal yang pasti, ia akan berhenti.
bila? tanyalah Tuhan mu.
jadi senyumlah dengan biasa pada hari ini
moga esok bukan sedih yang berpanjangan buat kita

*background music: all good things come to an end by nelly furtado

Saturday, December 05, 2009

2010, tahun yang buat kita tidur siang berjaga malam

haha sebab apa? world cup la bhaii.
i baru je lepas tengok final draw dia.
of course i support England, go England ! :D
England is in Grop C together with USA, Algeria and Slovenia.
for sure 2010 will be England year yeeehaaa !!

p/s: nak bawak tv yang tak guna kat rumah ni letak kat rumah sewa i. nak pasang astro sekali. lalalalalala

Thursday, December 03, 2009


actually semalam kak farah bagitaw i yang online registration for subject dah boleh buat. so i cepat cepat la dengan excited nya nak online coz nak letak subject apa yang nak ambik for next sem. alih alih tak dapat login. i pun pelik la, cuak pun ada coz i ingat i dah kena kick from UM, mana la taw result teruk sangat ke. hahaha *result belum dapat lagi tapi dah kena register subject dulu*.

habis semua my UM's friends i called. but semua tak taw kenapa jadi camtu. last last one of my friend cakap maybe sebab i online malam kot. -.- and i decided ok, maybe i shud try tomorrow.

so the next day, i try la. but still tak dapat jugak. omg, i memang cuak habis dah ni. then suddenly i macam terfikir, why not i try with my old password, mana taw dia tak update lagi. then i try my old password, haih tak dapat jugak. then i try lagi password yang lagi dulu lama punya. and guess what, DAPAT LOGIN OK ! gosh UM punya system so not up to date -.- but then i still tak dapat register coz i tak buat lagi penilaian for lecturers masa sem 3 tu. then i buat la then after that baru i dapat login and register la subjects yang i nak ambik for the next sem.

well most of it dah full, especially subject hotel management. and subject elective finance pulak banyak yang tak boleh ambik lagi. so, i decided ambik subject wajib dulu lah. btw ni list subject yang i ambik for next sem.

*click to enlarge

see that? 21 credit hours, boleh mati i haha. this sem kena cepat cepat berebut class tutorial oh. i hate system macam ni actually, takde classmates. susah la kena berebut rebut class. sebab at last nanti mesti ada tutorial class yang terlebih orang, sebab time lain semua dah full haishh.

so tu je la kot update for today. DAAA~ :)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

nine more days

it's really nine more fuckin days to my birthday. and as usual, like peeps out there, when it comes to their birthday, normal thing that they will do is, making a wish list. yeah so am i today.


1. i wish i can celebrate it with my bf and friends
2. nokia e71 or n95 or iphone? haha
3. new apartment please. vista angkasa is more than enuff.
4. new shoes, i love Aldo but Charles & Keith is okay :)
5. i wish i can have dslr, but i know i'm not going to have it :P
6. and i really need new clothesssss. T.T
7. after all, i hope this upcoming birthday will be the best birthday ever. AMIN :)

p/s: 9 dec, always remember that date :P