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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

nine more days

it's really nine more fuckin days to my birthday. and as usual, like peeps out there, when it comes to their birthday, normal thing that they will do is, making a wish list. yeah so am i today.


1. i wish i can celebrate it with my bf and friends
2. nokia e71 or n95 or iphone? haha
3. new apartment please. vista angkasa is more than enuff.
4. new shoes, i love Aldo but Charles & Keith is okay :)
5. i wish i can have dslr, but i know i'm not going to have it :P
6. and i really need new clothesssss. T.T
7. after all, i hope this upcoming birthday will be the best birthday ever. AMIN :)

p/s: 9 dec, always remember that date :P

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