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Thursday, November 26, 2009

what the fat?

okay. look at the photos, and gimme ur comments.

like fuckin seriously, i need to DIET right? argh damn.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

oh hey mr boyfriend.

sorry guys lama tak update benda alah ni
it's not i forget to update but i tak bayar lagi bil broadband i la. hahaha. rm135 sapa nak tolong bayar? :P
btw life is getting better. so after final exam, 18 nov, i pegi chako's hs. teman him before i going back to ipoh.
and guess what, dia buat candlelight dinner for me, and asked me to be his gf. sweet kan? yeah too sweet and i didn't expect him to did that.
haha surprise from the boyfie. ♥
well i hope there's a better tomorrow. :)

then on 22nd nov i lepak pavi wth chako, well again haha. and we watched phobia 2. hantu dia tak scary sangat la but banyak scene yang buat i shocked so as usual i closed my eyes and this time is about 50% of the movie, luckily. haha. yela selalunya 99% en. :P not bad la movie tu. last part dia sumpah funny gila, you guys should watch it. :))

and btw just to inform, my bday is on 9 dec. maybe i gerak sunway on 12th or 19th dec for celebration. if u guys rasa nak datang do inform me ok :) takde party pun just a simple and small gathering kot with athina,my bestie and her bf, and also chako. maybe, not sure yet. :)

so tu je lah. after this everyday i will update blog sebab kat rumah ada internet. HAHA. i miss you guys so badddddd ! :D

tata <3

Monday, November 16, 2009

hey people out there.

perfect qoute :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

tak nak baca dah la.

sorry guys lama gila tak update blog.
lappie i rosakkkk grrrr. and ada kat chako coz he promised me he gonna fix that thing.
btw i and chako pun dah ok. macam biasa je. idk wht will happen next
banyak sgt story and pictures. nanti i upload.
tata :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

i'll kill her

fara my bestie agreed when i said this to her,

we're not BITCH but we can be BITCH enuff to ruin your whole life, SLUT.

and i dedicate this quote to perampas. oh yeah fara, we'll win for sure !

*and i do believe in karma :)