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Monday, August 31, 2009

ni yang i panggil cinta

sharel syg, this is for you :)
*muka buruk, Ya ampunn


happy birthday Malaysia !
i'm so proud to be Malaysian
and for those yg study overseas tu,
ingt tak hari ni Merdeka Day?
mane la taw dah dijajah kat sane
hahahaha,amboi Huda ayatttt tak berlapik :P

PEACE, LOVE AND HARMONY hip hop sampai mati yaw !

*perghh ni dijajah habis ni hip hop bagai. haha

ape la kau merepek Huda?

penyampai berita yang bakal menyerlah

i taw i boleh jadi penyampai berita, jangan la cakap malu la

Friday, August 28, 2009

sperm and ovum

i cancel my trip to kuantan.
which mean i can't meet sharel :(

budak busuk i miss u la !

oh btw i got a new phone.
sony ericsson W910i, white color bhaii limited edition tu. :))

p/s: btw im happy and just good today :)

weh dengar sini followers

tolong la jawab poll kat sebelah ni eh yang color pink tu.
haha :))

Thursday, August 27, 2009

layan habis

cuba dengar lagu ni,
bila diri disayangi by ukays.
sesuai time bulan ramadhan ni.


tengok ni aku dah tag nama korang


Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi tag ini :

1) Dia sgt banyak cakap :P
2) and can share problems ngn i
3) anddd dia sgt pandaiii ceritaaa :P
4) dia suka dgr lagu indo stock jiwa kacau punya :P
5) she's stayin in sunway
6) dia cepat kurus ! grr jealous :P

Nyatakan 5 fakta diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima TAG seterusnya :

1) i love photography
2) and modelling too. oh how i wish i can diet :P
3) yeahhh sgt childish i ni :P
4) too dependent.
5) i love branded brands. tapi no money. haha

Nyatakan hobi diri sendiri :

1) designing
2) online
3) shopping
4) sleeping
5) karaoke :))

5 penerima TAG seterusnya :
1) nizam
2) tfa
4) tengku
5) fauzi

oh wuhuu

wahh exhausteddd.
just got back from hangouts with friends, well new friends of mine :)
from different states.
berapa banyak loghat pulak i dengar tadi -.-' aha :P
oh yea and i watched district 9 with them
sumpah that was the best story ever :D
btw i just knew that there will be a new movie, but i forg0t the name of that movie -.-
all i remember is that it is from the director of Harry Potter.
so memang best andd cant wait la kannn !


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


cant stop crying,again :(
i have bestfriends. i have friends.
but in reality, i felt like i dont have any.
seriously, i can't stand alone.
i tak kuat, i'm sorry :(

i mean real one.

Monday, August 24, 2009

if i know

there's a guy name iwan.

i love him, and i know he loves me too

he once asked me to be his gf

and i said no, we're far away.

He's in Terengganu and i'm in Ipoh

so i just let it be

as he is one of so-called my scandal.

and this morning, suprisingly, i saw his gf's pic in his myspace.


i feel HEARTBROKEN again

and again and again.

*Tuhan aku cuma berharap aku masih punya satu lagi peluang. Bisa g?

seriously rasa lain sangat :(

and lagu lagu kat wmp ni nak keluar lagu sedih pulak tiba tiba kann :(

penah tak rasa terpaksa senyum kt someone yang kita sayang sgt just tak nak luka kan hati dia :(

Iwan imy and our moments *tear drops

Saturday, August 22, 2009

hey boy

kenapa saya slalu in love with younger boys?
sebab saya berjiwa MUDA.

p/s: 3 out of 4 of my exs was younger than me. pfft -.-'

*tengok tengok Huda tak player ok baru ada 4 ex je. LMAO
bulan puasa dah buat i marah urghhh -.-'
my new photo in myspace and facebook memang i know, menjelikkan certain peeps.
look, i'm the type of person who didn't paying too much attention on what others said about me.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

dirantai digelangi rindu

i demam. i can't sleep

sebab takde orang nak suapkan ubat

takde orang nak hug me while im sleeping

and no one to take care of me

ohh how i miss the feeling to be in love,again


*background music: dirantai digelangi rindu by exist

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


during our childtime, we don't even know what's race.
why when we grown ups, we are so fuckin care about race?
stop racism.

kita hanya ada satu bangsa. dan bangsa kita adalah MALAYSIA


betul betul betul

title post kali ni mesti mengingatkan korang pasal bulan puasa kan? :P
well well puasa is coming soon.
i can't wait for bazaar ramadhan.
for sahur and berbuka.
for puding caramel, HEHE.

anddddd for MERCUNNNN !!!

ok ok so childish.


Monday, August 17, 2009

sengau sengau

well i was too bored today sampai i'm thinking of something that is too stupid. LOL
did u guys notice something?
Tomok and Irwansyah dah hilang sengau laa :P
HAHAHA, don't laugh please i know it sounds stupid.
but don't beleive it? dengar lagu Camelia on my blog's page.
i can't even beleive that it was actually Irwansyah's voice until my sister told me so.

GOD! haha. unbelievable.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

manchester united

ok i know title can make some bombastic moments :P
don't blame me if i'm MU supporter
and don't perli perli me when MU kalah ok
once united, always united


myspace and facebook make me high blood pressure


that day i can't comment peeps in myspace.

and now it's facebook's turn people!

social networkings are so urghhhh.

and now what? expect me to use tagged?

memang tak lah kan.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

i'm home

finally after a few months in kl, full of pressure and depression, life that always has its up and down, i went back home to my hometown, lovely *blurgghh* hometown :)

well of course lots and lots of things happened. broke up again with my ex, fighting with him, spent a lot of boody time with that stupid linguaphone salesman, haiyaaa, and most important thing, I MET ZAHIRIL ADZIM :P

so the most 'paling tak boleh blah' moment is when i met the bloody idiot linguaphone salesperson. haha. ok she said she's not forcing me to buy that stupid linguaphone but kept asking me to call my mom to convince her that i should buy that stupid linguaphone. some machine and books that are used to improve my english. and it cost me about rm2000+ ! bloody hell of course i'm not gonna buy it. I spent almost 2 hours listened to her explanation about that thing. urghhh. she even told me that it's ok if my parents wouldn't let me buy it, just buy it because it's my money, my decision and parents shouldn't be involve in my own decision. HOW IDIOT SHE IS ! well i admit i'm not really good in English but i believe in class-study method rather than self-study method. after all i hope i don't see that woman ever again for the rest of my life ! but then i learnt something for her, marketing skills maybe. HAHA :))

going back to Ipoh by train was my first time ok! haha. well it's fun,more fun than by bus i think. plus if i'm taking the bus i have to go to Pudu then have to take a look at my stuff like 24/7 urghh which i hate it so muchhhh. plus the Pudu has no air cond rather than Kl Sentral. ok i rasa sejuk sampai la i naik train ok, fun kan? HAHA :P 

being home is GREATTTTT. i miss my little brother a lotttt :) ok ok, that's all i think. i'm so exhausteddd to type more & i nak tengok ghost story kat astro ria kejap. huhu. TATA :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

answer this if you are a friend.

when will you give up?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

cerita hidup.

kau pernah tanya aku untuk apa hidup.
dan aku kata hidup itu untuk mencari kebahagiaan dan kehilangan kebahagiaan yang lain
tanpa aku terangkan apa itu kebahagiaan
dan kau teruskan hidup dengan mencari kebahagiaan yang salah
dan terus kehilangan kebahagiaan yang lain yang sepatut nya kau cari.
Teman itu untuk susah dan senang
tapi yang kau ada cuma di waktu suka
cinta itu untuk menunjukkan kau jalan yang benar
tapi yang kau ada cuma di jalan salah
aku kah yang berdosa?
kerana tidak menjelaskan bahagian seterusnya.

Hati itu untuk dijaga
tapi tidak bisa aku kira berapa banyak ia tercalar
aku punya teman
tapi kehilangan cinta.
aku ketawa di kala matahari ada
tetapi kehilangan ketawa untuk seterusnya
bukan sudah aku kata
hidup itu untuk mencari kebahagiaan
dan kehilangan kebahagiaan yang lain

dan Tuhan, apa aku tidak terpilih menjadi seseorang yang punya segala?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Huda kena kuat.

shahril affendy said to me,
Jgn pressure syg. U kuat kn?

I'm trying b, for you.

Monday, August 10, 2009

oh zahiril adzim

ok ok i was so fuckin excited to write this blog !
i met ZAHIRIL ADZIM, people !!!!!!
hahahaha. ok ok let me story first aaa
at 12pm macam tu i pegy lunch dkt KPS, in UM la kan
entah mcm mana la i macam terasa hati je nak makan kat one stall ni
i pun duduk la with my coursmate, evana & steph
then suddenly i dengar girls kat sblh i ni cakap ngan makcik tu
and i dgr something sounds like pelakon merah putih
i diam. then ada pakcik tu sebut zahiril adzim aka bob
i was like omg!!!!! hahahahaha
i excited gila babi
and guess what, im the one yang nampak zahiril adzim sampai dulu
and i was kind of almost jerit dalam stall tu, haha memalukan :P

relax Huda, i said to myself.haha
i biarkan la girls tu snap snap with him first kan.
ceyy ceyy heroin kena la dtg lambat. HAHAHA

and suprisingly after that,
zahiril adzim makan sebelah i SIAL !!!
it was memory that i will never forget for the rest of my life
oh boy, i just so fuckin CAIR with you. <3

i'm fuckin fat in this pic haha but who cares? :P

Sunday, August 09, 2009


after lama gilaaaaa tak jejak kaki dalam club,
pegi jugak tadi ats ajakan wida.
so salahkan wida ramai ramai. HAHA
lepak Blanc je but not bad la.
ah finally i dapat jugak dance
and the best thing dance with my bestfriendddd <3


Thursday, August 06, 2009

tag dari blufish

The Rules..
1) You just go to your photo folder in your myspace or facebook.
2) Then go to the 6th folder of photos.
3) Then go to the 6th picture in that folder.
4) Put the picture on your blog and a description of it.
5) Invite 6 friends to join the challenge.
6) Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged

pic ni kat rumah deyy. in my room. masa ni senja kot. aha :P sbb bosan sgt en so im playing around with the webcam. okayy, soo stupid kott. haha

the next lucky peeps: tfa, athina, ain, rahmah, erna, zahiril adzim blh? haha :P

Saturday, August 01, 2009

ape pasal haa?

ok aku faham la semua orang ada hak untuk suarakan pendapat
tapi kenapa ha ape je yang kerajaan buat semua korang nak complain?
try jadi government tengok kau boleh handle ke tak.
and one thing,
aku tak rasa ada party yang boleh handle Malaysia like the current gov did

*relax la bro