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Saturday, August 15, 2009

i'm home

finally after a few months in kl, full of pressure and depression, life that always has its up and down, i went back home to my hometown, lovely *blurgghh* hometown :)

well of course lots and lots of things happened. broke up again with my ex, fighting with him, spent a lot of boody time with that stupid linguaphone salesman, haiyaaa, and most important thing, I MET ZAHIRIL ADZIM :P

so the most 'paling tak boleh blah' moment is when i met the bloody idiot linguaphone salesperson. haha. ok she said she's not forcing me to buy that stupid linguaphone but kept asking me to call my mom to convince her that i should buy that stupid linguaphone. some machine and books that are used to improve my english. and it cost me about rm2000+ ! bloody hell of course i'm not gonna buy it. I spent almost 2 hours listened to her explanation about that thing. urghhh. she even told me that it's ok if my parents wouldn't let me buy it, just buy it because it's my money, my decision and parents shouldn't be involve in my own decision. HOW IDIOT SHE IS ! well i admit i'm not really good in English but i believe in class-study method rather than self-study method. after all i hope i don't see that woman ever again for the rest of my life ! but then i learnt something for her, marketing skills maybe. HAHA :))

going back to Ipoh by train was my first time ok! haha. well it's fun,more fun than by bus i think. plus if i'm taking the bus i have to go to Pudu then have to take a look at my stuff like 24/7 urghh which i hate it so muchhhh. plus the Pudu has no air cond rather than Kl Sentral. ok i rasa sejuk sampai la i naik train ok, fun kan? HAHA :P 

being home is GREATTTTT. i miss my little brother a lotttt :) ok ok, that's all i think. i'm so exhausteddd to type more & i nak tengok ghost story kat astro ria kejap. huhu. TATA :)

2 sperms:

Tfaaaaaa said...

ahaha..I terified dgn liguaphone salesperson until now.I dunno wether they cursed or ape2 jelah dorg punye goda fuh fuh..sgt xboleh blah.

"xpe adik, adik xpyh byr full pon..u boleh byr ansuran.RM200 per month la..murah kan kan..u all kan dpt biasiswa nnti kan.byr time tu ok..for now amik dulu mende ni, sgt berguna tau adik.lepas class adik boleh bukak kaset and dgr.bila2 u free u boleh belajar.bukan mcm class kan, kne attend every time yg dh ditetapkan."

tengokkk dorg punye ayat.hahah.nasib I hebat tau huda, xtergoda.but at the end of the day, I found out that 2 of my classmate tergoda and beli.I mcm whatttt..ishhh..dhla dorg xreti nk guna pon.

dasyat btol linguaphone ni

hud hud said...

mmg la. pastu nk tgk rajin kita br belajar.i punya rajin mmg ke laut la.haha.tu la psl bodoh suruh kita guna duit biasiswa beli benda2 cmni.kalau makmal lab dia tu rosak nk ke dia melayan kita? i xsuka oh rasa cm every month berhutang. benci gila.

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