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Monday, August 17, 2009

sengau sengau

well i was too bored today sampai i'm thinking of something that is too stupid. LOL
did u guys notice something?
Tomok and Irwansyah dah hilang sengau laa :P
HAHAHA, don't laugh please i know it sounds stupid.
but don't beleive it? dengar lagu Camelia on my blog's page.
i can't even beleive that it was actually Irwansyah's voice until my sister told me so.

GOD! haha. unbelievable.

2 sperms:

Blufish said...

dorang dh blaja vocal :P ahha dh master mcm aliff sattar LOL

hud hud said...

who the hell is aliff sattar? haha :P

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