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Monday, December 07, 2009

double L

i'm just wondering why at this time, time yang i'm not in a good mood ni, ada jugak minah yang nak cari pasal. ok maybe some of u think that alah, takde benda lah, but for me it is really 'ADA BENDA OKAYY!'

I can't understand and can't accept what she did to me. ok maybe she didn't realize that but come on lah, we're girls, tak kan sama girls pun susah nak faham kot? yang kau add semua ex boyfie and ex scandal aku apehal doe? lepas tu kau nak flirt dengan diorang pulak. apa ni? dulu siap bagi advice leave that guy lah ape lah. then now kau nak menggatal dengan diorang pulak? what kind of friend kau ni? EWWW, DOUBLE L.

babe, stop it lah ok? u're disgusting. WHATEVER.

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