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Monday, December 14, 2009

is it hard for a girl to understand other girls?

nowadays, we face a lot of problem, especially girls. but the issue that i want to highlight here is love problem. there's a lot of question that come out of my mind. Ever wondering why a girl could easily disturbing your boyfriend? or even your husband, fiance? Does she really love your man? Love is a feeling that really pure, don't spoil it. And for this kind of girl, have you ever think if you really love that man, or are you just feeling envy? or just a feeling that you felt disturbing if you see that man live more happy than you?

and for boys, yeah sometimes it's really hard if you face with this kind of situation. But remember, you already have a girl besides you. How can easily you change? How can easily you forget the girl that is with you now? Well I think it's better for you to choose your girlfriend / wife / fiance, boy, instead of choosing your ex. Let the new girl have their chance to love you.

After all, i'm not telling that this is all the ex's fault. maybe the boy is wrong too. But the thing is, is it hard for a girl to understand other girl's feeling? THINK ABOUT IT. I know i'm not a perfect person. sometimes i make mistakes in advising people to be matured whereas i'm not really matured enough. but all advices that i gave to some girls, i really meant it, because u're a girl and i don't want to make mistakes. that's all.

p/s: hati kalau busuk sangat pun susah chaa. dah dah la tu kacau bf orang.

4 sperms:

Blufish said...

kan ? tuk girl tu , just let him go ~ =)

hud hud said...

yeah biee taw xpe :)

bhafashionista said...

hmm. complicated indeed.

hud hud said...


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