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Monday, September 28, 2009

ada apa dengan cantik.

1st situation
u already have a girlfriend. she's not perfect.maybe not as pretty as other girls.but she gave u everything.her heart,her soul,everything that she have.she's hoping too much to settle up with you.and get a better life.

2nd situation
but suddenly there's one girl that stealing your attention from your girlfriend.she's quite far away from you.but you still love her.because she's pretty.she's perfect,like most of the girls out there.

the question is,
how long beauty will lasts?
how can you simply forget what your girlfriend had done to you?
why are guys are so heartless?
why do guys easily gone and forget everything. do they have memories?
why do guys easily fall for pretty girls?
why do love always cheat? they promise us happiness. but at the end it brakes our heart?
and why if this happens, guys easily blame the girls?
hina ke perempuan perempuan yang tak perfect macam i ni. yang chubby, yang tak cantik macam model.HINA KE?

and the conclusion. (sorry in malay pasal i tak reti nak explain ayat ni in english HAHA)
life experience thought me one thing, cantik tu sesuatu yang menghinakan. sebab cantik orang bergaduh, berebut. sebab cantik lah lelaki yang pandai boleh jadi bodoh dan sangat heartless. sebab cantik lah orang lupa apa yang tak cantik dah sacrifice untuk kita.

i pernah suka sorg lelaki ni. for 5 years. and if sekarang dia mintak couple dengan i pun i akan accept. maybe orang cakap i bodoh. pasal dia tak suka i langsung. delete i form myspace and facebook. i don't mind. i tak pernah paksa orang utk suka i. tapi kalau i terjumpa dia one day, i teringin nak tanya, 'kau ingat ada perempuan lain ke yang boleh ingat birthday kau for 5 years? , kau ingat ada ke perempuan yang simpan semua memories pasal kau for 5 years? kau ingat ada perempuan lain ke yang boleh sayang kau for 5 years without seeing your face, hear ur laugh, seeing ur smile? kalau ada bagitaw aku. and for that i'll stop loving u' . and the reason dia tak accept i? maybe sebab i tak cantik.

orang maybe cakap i desperate.
orang maybe cakap i gila jantan.
but the truth is, i tengah cari happiness
ingat family i bahagia macam family korang ke?
and ingat i ada ramai orang ke yang i boleh share problems?
no one understand me, NO ONE.
and yes, i memang dependent.
and seriously, i taw perempuan tak boleh hidup tanpa lelaki
perempuan ego atau lesbian je yang boleh hidup tanpa lelaki
kalau korang berkeras jugak cakap yang korang boleh hidup tanpa lelaki, i wanna ask u this,
apa korang rasa bila tengok couples yang mesra sangat bila kat mall?
apa korang rasa bila tengok kawan kawan korang kahwin or bertunang?
apa korang rasa bila umur dah meningkat tua tapi tidur tanpa lelaki disebelah? yang selayaknya di panggil suami?
so fikir balik, boleh korang hidup tanpa lelaki?

p/s: kalau tak setuju bagi reason. jangan kutuk dan maki. tak professional.

10 sperms:

sara J said...

ur not ugly at all. =]

and in this world, beauty is everything for them. but nanti they will realize how beauty kills. just chillaxx. beauty does not last forever. beauty froom the inside does. and boys are boyss. find a matured one babe. ull find ur perfect someonee. they wont realize anytgg until they themselve ought to have their heart broken. =p


hud hud said...

thx sara. yeah boys are boyss. stupid kan. haha. :)

nizam baharin said...

well..i guess mmg tak patot pon if he loves u because of ur looks alone. but that's the way the world is now la's all about skin..not love anymore..apa pon dont lose hopes la..setiap manusia ni diciptakan sure u'll find that someone one day :)

hud hud said...

i hope too nizam :) wish me luck hehe. i nak kawin cepat, settle up. and get a better life. :)

Blufish said...

i pn rasa camtu skrg :'(
i feel empty doe ..

* sighh . ntah la . :(( sorry yang . i cam speechless . :"(

Brella Mentarii said...


no. i bet tht guy tk blh lupa u. i know. i believe. just ego je semua tu. guys. ego tinggi. they dont show how much they love u. it seems tht kte je y nmpk desperate. but deep down. they are. so. sbr :) i believe. good girl wins :)

F E N A Z . said...

happiness and love will come. u'll find sum1 1 day. the day will come. pray 4u.

hud hud said...

blufish: i know. sedih kan? but thats life. :(

brella: yeah i agree everyone is pretty in their own way. but do guys realize that? no they dont. its good if dia ingat i :)

fenaz: hope so babe.masa pun mcm dah tk byk. thx btw

Fara Farid said...

sedih ok. macam kena dengan i. :(

hud hud said...

hmm. i hope one day guys will understand us. mana kaca mana permata :(

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