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Friday, October 02, 2009

hip hop ?

tu lah dia orang cakap mood mempengaruhi our choice of song.
for me, bila i sedih, i'm searching for indo songs.
when i'm in a good mood, i search for a pop or rnb songs.
when i feel ting tong, i search for techno,house songs. *LOL
but when i feel sexayy, i search for a hip hop songs. wohoooo. HAHA

but after all, i think hip hop is really the best. kann? hehe
nak taw apa ringtone phone i?

dang baby. what bout you?


2 sperms:

chotz said...

im prefer dangdung in any occasions of mode...hahahha buleh?

hud hud said...

dangdung? dangdut ke cik abg oi? haha

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