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Friday, October 16, 2009

eh aku ada blog?

ok rasa macam 3 hari tak update blog.
u guys mesti bosan kn? mesti mcm tertunggu tunggu bila la si Huda ni nak update blog, haha :P
well actually i went to my friend's house for three days.
yes, three fuckin days. haha. plan awal nya nak stay one night je.
tapi sebab too bored so i decided to stay another one more night.
lots of things happened yeah, and one of that is love.
yeah, LOVE. love yang i cakap munafik tu haha.
yes it still is, but no one can avoid from being in love right? :)
but just kena remind ourself la yang love is not always happy.
idk but im waiting for that words to come out from his mouth.
yeah the 'will you be mine?' words. :)
well at least he's single ok. hehe. i'll wait for him.
yeah we had to move on, and i'm trying.
there's a few guys that came to my life after my love story ends in 09092009. LOL
but still, idk why, i can't accept their love, it just i don't feel there's love in them.
but with this guy, entah la, there's something on him.
yang buat i rasa he might be the one.
i tak berani nak cakap apa, i takut benda benda dulu jadi lagi.
so i'm just hoping, not so much hope, but still, HOPING.
i dah serik nk main main, i wanna serious relationship.
friends, pray for me.


3 sperms:

Blufish said...

i'll pray for you friend .

don't hope sgt k . amen <3 <3


Fara Farid said...

yeah. i'll pray. but but, who's that lucky guy?

hud hud said...

blufish: thx syg. i know, and i will not hoping too much k :)

fara: top 1st at my ms top frnd :)

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