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Monday, June 22, 2009

im afraid to get back to kuala lumpur

well there's one case of swine flu dah dikesan kat PJ & it makes me soooo fuckin afraid nak balik UM. haishh
takkan nak pakai mask kot xde style lah. haha. but seriously buruk kot pakai mask tu.
but then i can't wait to meet my friends in kl & Tun pun dah ajak I keluar nxt weekend.
damn ramai yg booking but then nak balik ipoh pun tataw bila since there's kenduri la, my mom have meeting on weekend la macam macam.
i just wanna get back to kl and have fun. Ipoh is a dead town. so boring.

oh & i get excited when it came to study. can't wait to learn finance. haha weird kn?

2 sperms:

Blufish said...

swine flu ! sweet :(

hud hud said...

byk la sweet ! hahaha

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