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Monday, July 20, 2009

a tee for dad

i just got back from mid valley
went there to find a tee for papa
tp bf i ambik lambat sgt so we don't really enough time to search for more tee
i sempat beli tee JEEP je for papa
it cost me rm109.90 but it's worth it
coz I LOVE PAPA so much :D

and i bought MU tee too ! hahaha

my life was sooo damnn fuckinn gooddd
a lot of guys still kenyit kenyit mata with me
but i don't layan la HAHAHA
but ada one day tu i pegy bb lepaking with my friends
and one of them brought her guy friend.
idk but that guy seems to likes me. huda perasan
i mean like if we go makan or lepak or shisha-ing, he always sit besides me
quite cute but damn too young for me
so kiddo, i let u go. HAHAHA

hopefully can meet him again he's fun tho :D

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