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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

nasi lemak kopi o

lama gilaaaaa tak updat blogggg. HAHAHA
well of course a lot of things happened masa i tk update blog ni. hehe

i broke up with my boyfie.
then 2 weeks after that couple balik.
entah laa. till now i'm not sure whether it's a right decision or not
it just i couldn't find any guy better than him
tho he of course had some weakness too

so for now i'm still in a relationship :)
plus he bought me a chanel bag ! so i think boleh laaa. hahaha

but in 2 weeks to adala few guys yang i'm flirting with.
one of them i dah terfall in love pun.
but, he's a lil bit not suitable for me.
coz i think i always have to follow him
whatever he dislikes don't do.
whatever i dislike boleh plak dia buat. STUPID.
so i get over with him.

my classes already started.
lecturer business communication Bangladeshi la pulak. ADEHHH
sikit punya payah nak faham english diaa -.-
but have too coz it's a core subject.

well tu je la kot :)
for now i rarely online and updat blog.
maybe in august baru start active balik kot. hehe

till then, XOXO.

5 sperms:

Tfaaaaaa said...

u broke up?haishh sempat ehh..

good luck with ur new lecturers.
heee :P

hud hud said...

hehehe dah sambung balik :)
lecturer tu urghhhh
hehe :DD

Blufish said...

lecturer tu kenapa ? is he a gay ? LOL haha

hud hud said...

yes totally gay ! ewwww

Blufish said...

aha i see ;P

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