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Thursday, July 30, 2009


in financial management class today i sitted besides Lee, a chinese guy, one of my classmate back to matriculation.
and suddenly i saw something, something that i didn't expect him to have it.
a dvd, malay movie, name GADOH.
and i asked him whether i can borrow it or not and his answer was yes.

so back home, i watch it.
and one word to express my feeling. PROUD.
the movie was impressive, a very very good movie.

and i think GADOH has the best dialog ever. what i mean is, honest dialogues. take a look,

“Saya paling tak suka orang cina! Dia ingat dia bagus,pijak orang melayu”

“Orang Melayu bodoh,belajar tak pandai pun boleh masuk Universiti”

after all i think those are the words that exactly in Malaysian's head write now.
both chinese and malay.

i hope we can be together as one. Malay, Chinese, Indian or others, we are still one, MALAYSIAN :)

*enjoy the movie

and yeah, this is the movie website :

btw i deeply in love with this guy,
zahiril adzim

2 sperms:

Blufish said...

hensem gila ahha :D cam adik nasty sedikit aha macho man

hud hud said...

ohhh i love him ♥

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